About me

Currently, I am a research engineer in Singapore Manage University. I am a member of Software Analytics Research Group, supervised by Prof. David LO. My current focus lies in the intersection between software engineering and artificial intelligence. Our group and I are open to collaboration and communication, If you want to share some ideas with me, feel free to contact us :-)

I was a MSc student at University College London, studying Software System Engineering. My master dissertation is about automated program repair for syntax errors, which is co-supervised by Prof. Earl Barr (UCL) and Prof. Martin Monperrus (KTH).

I obtained my bachelor in software engineering from Yangzhou University, China (Yes, very interesting, I have the same name as my university!) I was member of the Elite class of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and selected as the outstanding graduate. At the same time of guaranteeing 1st GPA, I also served as the leader of two university-level student organisations. I had a very enjoyable and memorable time here.